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A personal article resolver in Python

A while back, I wrote a little post on my fondness for the Chemistry Reference Resolver. It is a wonderful tool for quickly accessing journal articles in a not-so-hyperlinked world, especially when used via an app launcher like Alfred. However, I would occasionally run into a journal that it didn’t connect to. I’m also often looking for little scripting projects, so I decided to put together a Python program that would replicate (some of) its behavior and could be run locally.

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Alfred and the Chemistry Reference Resolver

We live in a strange time. Working at a small/medium-sized university, I can access almost any scientific article published in the 20th century without leaving my office chair. In principle, each of these articles is interconnected to the rest of the literature through unique citations, and yet the state of linking between these many documents is terrible. Even the most recently published articles tend to be shamefully isolated.

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